Rodeo King

About the production

A world-weary cowboy performs his ritualistic preparation for a monumental battle. He exits his barn and steps into the wildness. A wild black bull struts in the hot summer sun with a deep sense of foreboding. The cowboy surveys the landscape instinctively sensing the presence of the giant beast he is about to face. As the bull and the cowboy meet face-to-face in the field, we have the ultimate battle upon us. It’s man versus beast, who will be the victor.

A cowboy faces off against a bull one last time.

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Los Angeles World International Film Festival BEST ACTION MOVIE GRAND JURY WINNER 2016

Cinemagic London Best Short Film 2016


Praise for the Script

“Both the cowboy and the bull become enigmatic characters in this piece. This is a life and death battle with a unique twist at the end (the mark of every great short).”

“The short is visual and dynamic. The dust and sweat pops off the pages and I can feel the exertion and brutality of this match between man and beast.”

“The short moves with the speed of the bullet and has an undeniable power. There is something primal and elemental about this battle and the way it is visualized on the page. The writing is muscular and provides an unflinching look at a brutal sport.”

“The writing is lean and crisp, dynamic and packs a visual punch.”

“The premise is simple but powerful and compelling. The short is dynamic, action-packed and full of visual possibilities.”